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2 min readDec 20, 2022

Gno.land (pronounced “no-land”) is a first-level smart contract platform invented by Jae Kwon, co-founder of Cosmos and Tendermint, to solve a host of problems in the blockchain space — in particular the ease of use and intuitiveness of smart contract programming platforms.

Using the programming language Gnolang (Gno), an interpreted version of the widely used Golang (Go) language, with a modern virtual machine written in Go, the team wants to lower the barrier to entry into web3 and make it easier for developers (especially existing web2 developers) to write smartcontacts and other blockchain applications without having to learn a programming language that is limited by design or exclusive to one blockchain ecosystem.

To summarize:
A project aimed at powerful security. The main idea is to solve problems of detection in space, in particular the ease of use of the smart contract. Software platforms. In addition to being concise, compliant, limited and complete, they want to challenge the information censorship regime.

- Funds/investors: TBA.

- Testnet: Phase 3 of the testnet is now underway. It is stated that there will be rewards for node holders/validators.

- Discord: 7.4k participants. Activity is beginning to show.

- Twitter: 21.2k followers. Rating is average. Probably, it is connected with long silence.

- Tokenomics: Read more here.

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