⚡️Fuel Network Project Review

Fuel v1 started out as a Layer 2 (L2) scaling technology for monolithic Ethereum. It was the first optimistic roll-up on mainnet Ethereum, deployed in late 2020.

Today, Fuel is a fast modular execution layer. Fuel provides the highest security and flexible throughput with a focus on superior developer experience.

Fuel technologies.
→ Parallel transaction execution
Fuel provides unparalleled computational power with the ability to execute transactions in parallel using strict state access lists in the form of the UTXO model;

→ Fuel Virtual Machine (FuelVM)
Designed to reduce irrational processing of traditional blockchain virtual machine architectures, while greatly increasing the potential space for developers;

→ Sway language
Fuel provides a powerful and elegant experience for developers with its own domain-specific language called Sway, and a supporting toolkit called Forc.

Project Resources: Website | Twitter | Discord | Docs

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