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2 min readDec 22, 2022

Supernova is a versatile asset-stacking platform.

Supernova provides liquid stacking for all native tokens of the Cosmos application network.

The project provides robust utilities for shadow tokens, such as autocomplete and using them as collateral for a stablecoin mint.

The project should provide a fair swap for the steaming bets being placed.

Supernova will become an aggregation platform for managing the Cosmos.

Supernova will provide all the components that will serve as the money lego within liquid steaming and ultimately create the infrastructure of an ecosystem of steaming pools.

Supernova solves the following problems:

— Oracle problem;

— Restriction on withdrawal requests;

— Blocking period when withdrawing funds.

The above problems are solved with the following unique features:

— Lazy mining;

— Protocol-level protection against banking transactions;

— Stable/stable swap;

— Reliable automatic replenishment;
— Emergency withdrawal.

In summary:

A very early project. The guys want to make a liquid stack that allows token holders to earn income from stacking on Proof-of-Stake blockchains and acquire the liquidity of delivered assets. In other words, it can provide additional utility to the ecosystem while keeping the network secure.

— Funds/investors: TVA.

— Testnet: Swaps, liquidity, validator offerings can be poked at now. Tokenomics awards are claimed at 7.5%.

— Discord: 5.2k participants. Could not see activity, captcha does not work.

— Twitter: 6.4k participants. Rating is weak. The project is on the launch.

— Tokenomics: More details can be seen here.

Projects resources: Website | Twitter | Discord | Docs

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