AptosLaunch Project Overview

AptosLaunch is a young decentralized lanchpad project on the Aptos network. With Aptos creating the safest and most scalable Tier 1 blockchain for its next billion users, AptosLaunch is designed from the ground up to empower Aptos project owners.

AptosLaunch empowers crypto projects with increased liquidity on the safest and most scalable Tier 1 blockchain, in addition to supporting APTOS WEB 3.0 economy.

Launchpad offers:
- Strategic Token Launch Experience;
- Customizable launch model;
- Customizable time period;
- Customizable token types and auction algorithms.

Decentralization and community are the main drivers of the Web 3.0 economy, and AptosLaunch has combined tier-based distribution and lottery to ensure fair distribution of rewards for all token holders.

Aptos blockchain adds redundancy to its network, making it less prone to failure. Each block in Aptos is synchronized with leader nodes and neighboring nodes. If a leader node fails, one of the other nodes can take over.

Aptos Launch Levels

- Guaranteed White List
All ALT token holders have the ability to use Launchpad on a case-by-case basis — users simply need to have a certain number of ALT tokens according to their respective tiers. When a new project is launched on AptosLaunch, users only need to provide a wallet address to be included in the White List, and the distribution of funds will be guaranteed based on the number of ALT tokens users have.

- AptosLaunch Tiers System.
To ensure fair distribution, users will be allocated to different tiers according to the number of ALT tokens they have, where higher tier owners will have more privileges in participating in early rounds and a larger distribution size. A project may have a first come, first served principle or a lottery principle. Each project is different from the other.


- 2022 Q3
Readiness to enter Testnet;
Community Formation;
Integration of wallets: Petra, Martian, Pontem.
- 2022 Q4
Launch of AptosLaunch in Mainnet;
Steaking Pool;
Integration with wallets: Blocto, Crypto.com.
- 2023 Q1
Launch of the first batch of projects on the startup site;
Voting on projects.
- 2023 Q2
Connecting NFT projects to Launchpad with insurance
NFT steaking.
- 2023 Q3
Expanding services to other chains.

Project Resources
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We provide tools for easy and secure asset placement on the blockchain, without storage.

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We provide tools for easy and secure asset placement on the blockchain, without storage.