🔗Decentralised POS system with multi-dimensional chain in Web3 Wormholes

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2 min readDec 30, 2022

Wormholes is a decentralised POS system with a multi-dimensional chain in Web3.

Wormholes solves the blockchain trilemma, which involves the necessary trade-off between scalability, security and decentralisation by creating a technology to achieve the perfect balance between these three parameters, creating a highly scalable and secure blockchain system that does not sacrifice decentralisation.

Project technology:

-DRE consensus protocol
Dynamic Random Election Consensus (DRE) is a set of practical Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) protocols for fully asynchronous environments.

-Scalable and flexible multi-chain and multi-layered structure
The multi-dimensional blockchain engine, being inherently flexible and scalable, supports many types of blockchain structures, including single-layer, multi-layer, parallel independent chains, master-chain, homogeneous chains, heterogeneous chains, mixed heterogeneous chains or any combination of the above.

-Efficient and safe multi-level network
The Wormholes network consists of several layers, including the transport layer, the blockchain layer, the API layer and the application layer.

-Unique blockchain ecosystem
The Wormholes economy is supported by a two-tiered token model, consisting of an exchangeable Wormholes ERB token and a non-exchangeable S-NFT token.

-One-click NFT marketplace
This includes both a means for creators and organisations looking to quickly deploy their own NFT Marketplace — a feature the team has dubbed ‘One-Click NFT Marketplace’ — and a way for GameFi developers, both new and existing games, to leverage the endless potential of the blockchain to enrich the user experience.

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