Rebus Project Review

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2 min readOct 24, 2022

Rebus is a regulated investment platform that uses its own useful coin, $REBUS, to allow a channel of asset managers and other financial institutions to manage and sell DeFi instruments alongside their traditional (TradFi) instruments.

Project Objective

Rebus’ primary mission is to provide DeFi investments to traditional investors in a convenient and concise form.


-Apr/May 2021.
The opportunity presented itself, and Rebus was born.

-May/Jun 2021.
An initial high-level solution was conceptualized. Primary and secondary research was conducted.

-Jul/Aug 2021.
The project was launched.

-Sep/Oct 2021
Finalization of investment package and start of financing. Project is launched.

-Nov/Dec 2021
Closing investment round.

-1Q 2022
Financial product design is defined and finalized. Blockchain development started.

-2Q 2022
Completed financial product design and partnerships with asset managers and developers.

-3Q 2022
Testnet launch, work on airdrop and blockchain updates. Preparing for launch. Completed work on partnership contracts.

-4Q 2022
Launch of Mainnet, LBP, exchange listing and SRO application. Development of NFTID and Rebus Vault.

-1Q 2023
SRO certification, launch of financial staking product, LP product in development. DropMint NFT dropshipping and token gating platform.

-2Q 2023
NFT and LP financial products and DropMint NFT Creator launched. Stablecoin product in development.

-2Q 2023
Stablecoin product and DropMint NFT Marketplace in action.

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