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2 min readJan 1, 2023

RedStone is a data ecosystem that provides frequently updated, reliable and diverse data for your dApps and smart contracts.

RedStone offers a fundamentally different design of Oracles that meets the needs of modern Defi protocols.

- Data providers can avoid the requirement for continuous data delivery down the chain;

- Allow end users to self-deliver signed Oracle data down the chain;

- Use the decentralised Streamr network to deliver subscribed Oracle data to end users;

- Use incentive tokens to motivate data providers, maintain data integrity and uninterrupted service;

- Use Arweave blockchain as a low-cost and persistent repository for archiving Oracle data and holding data providers accountable.

System architecture

The RedStone ecosystem can be divided into 3 main areas:

- Data Provisioning is responsible for obtaining data from external sources, converting it into a common format, signing and broadcasting the collected information.

Implemented as → RedStone Oracle Node

Data Access is responsible for making the data available to end users through a variety of means such as a web portal, HTTP API, chained channels or third-party applications.

Web portal → RedStone App

HTTP API → RedStone Api

EVM connector → RedStone EVM connector

Data integrity is responsible for ensuring high data quality, incentivising providers with tokens for maintaining the service and penalising them for failures and corrupted data.

Concept → Argue protocol

Implementation → RedStone ethical contracts

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