🔗Teritori Project Overview

Teritori is a multi-community hub designed to enable IBC and non-IBC communities to communicate, trade services and NFT, launch new projects as well as develop existing ones.
The hub includes dApps for daily use, such as the NFT launchpad, marketplace and social functions for individuals and communities: Innovation, Commerce, Organisation.

Decentralised and autonomous ecosystem
Teritori is built on the sovereign Cosmos SDK chain and the $TORI management/utility token. DAO Teritori will be able to vote on the direction of blockchain development and the next features or dApps to be implemented in the ecosystem.

Utility token $TORI
TORI is a Teritori blockchain management token that provides a decentralised coordination method for token holders to vote on strategic directions for the Teritori network.

NFT Launchpad;
NFT marketplace;
Teritori name service;
Teritori Steering;
Teritori management.

— Q1 2023 — BETA VERSION
Multi-channel chat rooms;
Freelance services;
Social feed;
Game of realms — Gnolang.

Full P2P chat rooms;
First offline chat rooms;
Cybersec Education;
Social feed v2;
Multichain Wallet;
Reality Game;
dApp Store;
Play2Earn v2;
bounties manager.

Project Resources: Website | Twitter | Discord | Docs

Our resources: Web | Blog | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Navigation



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