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2 min readDec 19, 2022

Blockchain AI Humans.ai is a blockchain network from the Cosmos ecosystem, capable of managing, deploying and executing artificial intelligence on blockchain. If you want to get involved in shaping the AI of the future, here’s how you can help.

Humans.ai testnet, codenamed Gravity, will be an updated version of the now defunct Humans.ai devnet and will contain many new enhancements.

Humans.ai Gravity is not a stimulated testnet, which will be called Friction and is planned for the first quarter of next year, closer to the Anima Mundi mainnet.

The Humans.ai Gravity testnet will continue after the launch of the Anima Mundi mainnet and will be used mainly by developers to test AI applications to make sure everything works to the highest standards.

The Gravity Testnet phase

In general, during the Gravity Testnet phase, the Humans.ai blockchain will be subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that the network is functioning at the required parameters and that all features and capabilities work as intended. Some of the tests being conducted will focus on:

- Benchmarking and stress testing the genesis of the peer nodes and the process of concluding, linking and unlinking new validators;

- Testing the initial set of workload nodes by running an AI that is fully operational on the test network;

- Testing a beta version of the AI NFT marketplace where users can send, buy, and execute AI NFTs;

- Testing Ethereum’s bridge feature, which facilitates cross-transfer of $HEART tokens from Ethereum to the Humans blockchain;

- Force an upgrade of the network by releasing a new testnet binary.

In the near future, we will break down the Humans.ai project for you in more detail!

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