⚙Testnet 2.0 and a huge Airdrop from Tsunami

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2 min readDec 23, 2022

The Tsunami team has announced the launch of Testnet 2.0! Dynamic trading, new oracles, new pairs outside the Waves ecosystem, NFT artifacts and more. Added Metamask as an authorization method to make it even easier to test.

The testing phase will last for 3 weeks:
13 December 2022 to 5 January 2023. To motivate test participants, the project has allocated a prize fund for a large-scale Airdrop, which will take place after the test ends.

To take part in Testnet 2.0 and gain access to Airdrop you need to follow a few simple steps:

Complete the application by completing all the points in Gleam by clicking on the link;

Get 100 Testnet USDN to your wallet;

Go to the Testnet 2.0 page and open at least 5 positions in different trading pairs. Use various functions (buy long positions, sell short positions, use leverage, etc.);

Get prizes for participating in the test.

The biggest prizes will go to the participants who:

Achieve maximum profit in trading (in total for all trading pairs);

Find and report bugs found during testing to the project bot — @tsunami_feedback_bot or in the Google form;

Will assist community participants in the testing process and answer questions from newcomers.

Several ways to get the wallet address for the testnet:
Using MetaMask:
— Connect to Tsunami Testnet 2.0, select MetaMask;
— Sign the connection to the Waves testnet;
— Copy the address of the Waves test network in the upper right corner;
— Paste the address of the test network into the Gleam registration form .

Using the Keeper wallet:
— Open the Keeper wallet
— Switch the main network to the test network in the lower left corner;
— Copy the testnet wallet address in the top right corner;
— Paste the testnet address into the Gleam registration form;

Using the WX network:
— Open the WXnetwork test network page by going to https://testnet.waves.exchange/;
— Register or login using your login method;
— Copy the test network address in the upper right corner;
— Paste it into the Gleam registration form.

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